With Architects for parents, a sculptor brother, and a sister who designs hand painted wallpaper, Zelda grew up surrounded by creativity. After completing a degree in Graphic Design, she pursued further study in jewellery, attending a class with her partner Zak. Seduced by the methods and practice of working metal to create handmade items, Zelda returned to University to undertake a second degree in Jewellery Design at Central St. Martins.


Combining in a way that allows them to express their individual skillsets, Zelda and Zak alloy their backgrounds in Graphic Design and Engineering to explore the boundaries between handmade, traditional approaches and modern fabrication techniques, to create imaginative pieces with heirloom quality.

Through considerate use of alternative stones, cuts and materials, their pieces continue to evolve from a fascination with structure and pattern, resulting in playful alternatives to bridal and bespoke wear fused with personality, care and attention.