A 5 step guide to buying the perfect jewellery gift

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Jewellery is always a lovely gift option, a lasting memento that has timeless appeal as a personal and meaningful gift to mark a special birthday or event, but it can seem
like a daunting prospect, particularly given its value. 

Whether you are buying for a partner, family member, friend, or yourself, selecting the perfect piece involves some careful consideration, and I’m here to help you with that.

So, here’s my top 5 tips to help guide you when buying jewellery as a gift – and if all else fails I also offer gift vouchers!

(***Much of this is also
relevant to buying or commissioning an engagement ring, but read till the end for more on that)

1. Style

The first step in selecting jewellery for someone is to consider their style; think about and observe what jewellery they already wear – do they prefer classic, vintage, modern, or bohemian styles?  Would you say they like big and bold or fine delicate things? Clean lines and minimalism or something more organic, full of texture? 

This can also be an opportunity to have fun with some detective work – does the recipient have some clues saved on their Pinterest page or Instagram account? Otherwise sneaky sideways glances can offer some insight 🕵️‍♀️

2. Colour

Whilst observing what jewellery they already wear, take note if they have a preferred metal colour; ie white metals like silver, white gold & platinum, or do they only wear yellow or rose gold? People quite often have a favourite metal to go with their skin tones, dress sense, etc. They may also be happy to mix and match.

Have a think about their favourite colours, especially if you are choosing something which includes gemstones.  Do they like blues and greens or warmer reds, pinks and oranges? Consider what colours they prefer to dress in.

3. Occasion

Rings often take a little consideration given the question of sizing (*more on that below), so simple options for gifts are usually earrings, necklaces and bracelet/bangles.

Once you have narrowed it down a good question to ask is whether you like to gift something they can wear everyday, or something for special occasions?

Stud earrings or hoops are perfect for daily wear, while a statement necklace or cocktail ring might be more suitable for special events and parties.

When in doubt, choose timeless pieces like a simple pendant necklace, stud earrings, or a classic bracelet; these items can be hugely versatile for all occasions.

4. Personalise

Incorporating birthstones or favourite gems into jewellery adds a personal touch. Each birthstone has its own unique meaning and significance. Another option is to consider jewellery with initials or a personal engraving which could be text or image. This can make the gift feel incredibly personal and thoughtful.

Creating a bespoke piece can give you a wonderful way to tell a story through the jewellery.  You could alternatively request to tailor an existing piece with an engraving or opt for a different, personalised stone choice.

Should you opt to create something bespoke for your loved one, be it a gift or engagement ring, bear in mind budget and what you would like to spend. Most designers will work with you, guiding you to create something truly unique to your requirements and budget. 

5. Sizing:

For rings, knowing the correct size is crucial. Sneakily borrow one of their rings (from the correct finger) or ask a close friend or family member for help. Alternatively, most rings can be resized after purchase. For necklaces and bracelets, consider adjustable chains or bangles, ensuring a good fit.

If you are buying an engagement ring, an alternative option is to purchase a placeholder ring to propose with, then you can work together to buy or create your dream engagement ring and you don’t have to worry so much about sizing! 

If still unsure, you can always rope in a friend or family member, someone who knows them well, and if all else fails, you can always buy a jewellery lover gift vouchers for their favourite maker.

Many places, including myself, now offer klarna which spreads and softens the upfront cost of an investment piece of jewellery.  Grouping together with friends and family is also a lovely way to gift.

Obviously the overall aim is to give something they will love and cherish. Remember, the best gifts are the ones that show you’ve put thought into the recipient’s personality and likes.

By choosing to incorporate personalised elements, you can give a gift that is not only beautiful, but also deeply meaningful and lasting.