I believe strongly in social and environmental responsibility. 

I also believe in the power of creativity and the value of design in our world. It is for this reason I am ardent believer in the ethos of slow fashion.

I don’t create factory runs instead focussing on capsule collections of individually crafted pieces with some limited edition items.

By carefully choosing my materials, everything I create is designed around small scale work aimed towards reducing my economical impact. This keeps my waste to a minimum and ensures that every client is receiving an individual and enduring piece.

I minimise my footprint by striving to use the amazing wealth of local suppliers and crafts people wherever possible. I use mainly recycled material for all my metal, and re-use and re-form whenever it is viable. 

I am honest enough to admit that my sustainability footprint is a work in progress and the task is far from finished, but I am always seeking for new ways to reduce my impact and increase my credentials. 

From my packaging to my production I will always aim to improve the  environmental rating of my processes, while maintaining the attention and pride of an independent maker.